I was grappling with the admonition given by the commonwealth panel and I found the answer to my previous post.. If time is your biggest enemy then discipline must be our best friend.

Think about it, whether at work, or at home or even in our play, the ones who seem to have it all under control are the ones who are disciplined in the face of time.  Not that i dont have my own battles in this area but the ones who shine, are those who are disciplined. They seem to dance along but there is an underpinning of discipline it the dance.

Go ahead, get rid of all the negative connotations that surround the word, discipline. Get your life back on to the dance floor.  And one word of advice to the commonwealth committee, if you want to dance and sing in the Opening ceremony of the Games, tight discipline may be one of the ways to go…

Sunil Robert Vuppula