I've attended church for almost ten years now. I've been involved in Church ministry for about eight and have notice something about the, 'good' pastors. I've noticed that Pastor's who are able to stay in the long run and grow and multiply and even release disciples in a church definantly have a gift of leadership. They can mentor, inspire, cast vision, rally people behind a cause, keep communication easy and simple and consistent, and resolve and bring correction in the midst of conflicts.

Than there are those pastors who are better at preaching/teaching than leading. They usually don't go as far and keep a church running healthy and on target. That doesn't mean they are good for nothing but have a weakness like anyone else.

Ideally, the 'good' pastor can do both! But when is even more ideal would be to have a couple of pastors who can specialize in one of the two departments. It gets even better when they work in harmony with each other and can devote all their time and energy in specializing in their departments. And what makes this a better ideal is that in fulfills the need of a pastor to be in relationship with another person. We are all built with this need. It is beautiful when this occurs in a healthy way and is modeled to the church.

Mr. Bilson