Yesterday, I saw a cartoon. "God has a set number of things that he wants us to do. But I am so far behind, that at this rate, I will never die."

The cartoonist was playing a joke with words and concepts. He felt he was unable to do all the things that God wanted him to do because there were a set number of things that he felt he had to do in this life. Since he was so busy and behind, there would be no way by which he could die, before he did his number of things. George Santayana, the Harvard philosopher, said, "There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

I wish we knew the number of things we have to do. That is the unknown quantity. None of us is promised tomorrow. We don't know if we have already accomplished all the things we ought to do. Perhaps, we are already living in bonus time.

Dr. Ramesh Richards