I finally have some time to sit down and write about Deeper Walk.
I learned some valuable lessons this time around! I learned how I am already a Missionary! Just look at me! I'm a white washed Malu (or Malayalion stallion as my friends called me, okay just a little humor, lighten up, I'm not serious, have a little fun or mast, oh and they do call me that... not me though!) born in a hick down where I was pretty much cut off from anything remotely South Asian.

Later, I end up in Buncouver where I meet tons of Christians from a little state called Kerala. I was lost and dieing in my sins and a Scotsman who's father grew up as a Missionary's kid in Japan boldly introduces me to the savior known as none other than Jesus Christ.

I end up going to University to study the Bible before joining any church. There I meet a bunch of these Malu's who introduce me to a Punjabi Christian.

He answers my prayer to God for a mentor and introduces me to a missionary from Singapore who doesn't talk about a radical commitment to Christ but lives it instead. Now I'm in a Punjabi church mixed with some Fijians and other spices as well and am told that a white washed Malu in a Pun Church is next to a miracle and is pretty unheard of.

We talked about missions at Deeper Walk and was challenged to profess if God was calling us to missions. If you are called stand up... I didn't have to stand up because God told me that I'm already one. If you don't beleive me than just read the above again.

What a life!