Well, should the ships have been sailing towards Gaza in the first place?

If people think they can test Israeli resolve to protect itself, by simply having civilians on board ship in the manner usual to Islamist terrorist organisations, the people concerned are simply idiots and do not know what they are dealing with.

So what should be done to get civilian supplies through to the poor people of Gaza?

Take up the Israeli offer of civilian supplies to be delivered to Ashdod, from where Israel guarantees that all humanitarian cargo would be taken to the people of Gaza under international supervision.

Since the people who organised the ships that sailed towards Gaza did not take up the Israeli offer, it is clear that their agenda has nothing to do with delivering civilian supplies to Gaza.

Their agenda is rather to score political points against Israel at the cost of human lives.

The people who gave their lives knew that they might have to do so, and they are best compared to people who wish to commit suicide.

Prabhu Guptara