Earlier tonight was the Integrated or Deeper Walk Worship Band dinner, and though I cannot list on here all the details, I must say I am so encouraged! The card was so sweet and all the things you guys wrote in there even sweeter. Dinner, worship, pep talk, pledges, fellowship--everything was wonderful!

Tyna - my partner in crime, the food was delicious! ohh--and send me pictures!

Mia - your mission is complete :D you're so awesome, i can't imagine Integrated without you.

Ammukutty - i low you--and your servant's heart. keep at it gurl.

Sim - remember, one-ly Jesus! *shakes head from side to side making nasal mallu noises*

Georgy - moving? pushing? huh? and beautiful piano playing like always! God sees your heart and He'll honor you.

Wilson/Alex - can you shout those verses any louder with any more oomph and gusto??

Tracy/Niki/Sarvesh/Jennis - God honors those who honor Him... and He's got His eye on you.

Rohaib - thanks for sticking with us even with all the responsibilities of being a new dad.

God is so awesome and all the glory belongs to Him and Him alone!

I am nothing. He is everything.