This week, I am attending a second generation network conference of Asian American pastors of Christian Missionary Alliance denomination. There were second gen leaders from Lao, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Hmong, Korea, India etc. When it comes to second generation (I really do believe) there is so much we all can learn from each other, though our cultures and churches have many unique issues.

It was great fun to hang out with AA leaders last night and I am looking forward to my session on Lessons from the Coconut Generation this evening. I wish more of emerging leaders get to hang out with others like and similar to them. I have met young coconut leaders who think, they are the only one of their kind and carry the weight of the whole second generation upon themselves. How sad!

One thing I was pleasantly surprised over Coconut book tour was large number of younger leaders who are in seminary or considering ministry calling all over North America. God is doing something awesome with this generation. I am excited to be part of a divine drama unfolding right before our eyes!

There is an idea of gathering second generation leaders of Asian Indian community in North America. Any one interested?