Recently I had been asked to share the secrets of the spiritual side of success and have debated in my own mind why they are called secrets. Since the beginning of known time man seems to have found this important attribute of success because of the void that is seemingly caused by all other pursuits.

The equation seems really simple in that while searching for the mental and physical elements of success we seem to have this everlasting chasm that is only filled with something that is unknowable.

My formula for the session was that IQ + EQ + SQ = The Real You. This seemed to have gone down a lot smoother for people who were confusing spiritual success with religion. I have met a lot of religious people who are bankrupt in the faith department. By the same token I have met a lot of miserable people who have bank accounts that will never be depleted.

The answer than is to seek tri-dimensional success by wanting enough to not be discouraged but hoping to not got so much that you think you can run alone. If you need to find more answers to this question of how do we know how much is enough contact me directly. Blessings this week and in all the tomorrows of your life.

IQ + EQ + SQ = The Real You

IQ - Intelligence Quotient
EQ - Emotional Quotient
SQ - Spiritual Quotient

Krish Dhanam