When u love someone, you show it. The occasional flowers, a peck on the cheek or even a simple call jus to say, "I miss you". Saying, "I love you " are just words.

If you call me your best friend, I would expect you to want to call me, to go out occasionally. I dun want you to meet me just because we happen to be going to the same place. I dun want us to meet cause it's "convienient". I would at least expect you to want to go out of your way to meet me cause you want to see me. Cause I mean so much to you.

When I am down, and you know that I am, I expect you to gimme a call just to cheer me up or to at least find out whats wrong. I expect you to do that eventhough I've told you that I'm alright and that I'll be fine.

You know why I would expect it? Cause I would do the same for you. Easily. And I know I have. And you darn well know that I have. Best friends would bleed for each other. Easily. I wouldn't even have to think twice about it. But sometimes, I feel you would.

You know what's sad? It's sad that you decide to go out with other people who you've repeatedly said dun mean anything to you. And you go out with them eventhough I asked you many times before and you said you would rather rest at home. It's sad that you told me to call you at the end of the day, and when I do, you don't answer your call and don't even call back.

Its sad that when I look forward to calling you cause we haven't spoken much the whole week and I'm looking forward to talking to you, you're out with your 'friends'. It's sad cause I looked forward to it simply because you told me to call you after i had finished doing whatever it was i was doing.

And you sit me down in those moments of "convienience" and tell me that I'm so darn precious. Well, if i was that diamond in your hands, why do you treat me as just another piece of stone? Don't talk if you can't walk the talk man. Just don't do it man. Because i regard you as important in my life, i take your words seriously. But if you're not gonna mean them, then don't say it! Just DON'T!

If i was the most important person in your life, then you would let go of everything that is taking you away from me. You would let go of everyone who is taking you away from me. You would let go of THE VERY PERSON who is seperating you from me. Easily. I would never have to bug you about it. You would do it on your own accord.

I am just dissappointed. And hurt. I expected more from you. But maybe I was expecting too much.

You have proven to me that i am not important. You have proven to me that i don't mean so much. You have proven that others mean more to you than I do. So because you have thought so of me, and because you have shown who i am to you, i will go. When you decide that you want your diamond back, prove you want it back badly, and you will. But not otherwise...