Dear Lord,

Its been a good day. I should have read your word while coming back home rather than listen to that music, I would have felt better now. The music was temporary. Your word last for a long time. Especially when I read it in that 'lectio divina' way.

Lord, my mind always gets mess up in thoelogical philosophy and struggles and in the searching and reflecting, and along with praying, worship and intercessing my mind gets transformed. Is that called spritually growing or will I one day be complete and emulated to you Lord.

I want to be like you. I feel like I have completely overcome some of my struggles. I shared with my close friend that my eyes no longer covet. Well, he said it was only natural and instinctive, but thank you Lord that you allow us qualities of divinity through your Son Jesus.

God - you are amazing. I seriously am amazed, never thought i could ever get over it. And you know what Lord now I truly see why we are made in your image cause we can get over our struggles and be Holy because You are a Holy God. and I love you.

My days of being like an 'animal eyeing any mate' is over. And praise you God. Haleluyah! I feel so free. But God, I know the battle isn't over, for I know when the devil will tempt. I'll be prepared.

1st defense: Break into silent prayer, close my eyes, sing worship songs.
2nd defense: Evacuate.

You know what Lord, when I was entering the lift, a sudden craving for cold beer suddenly arouse. I was quite appalled because just when I thought I had gotten over something, now I have this demon in my closet.

Thankfully it was juat a moment. But why Lord? when I entered the lift? Was an alchoholic there before me? Whatever it is Lord, I am not going to focus on it because only you are worth my focus, not battling the Devil.

I do the praising, you do the fighting. Praise God.

I love you Lord