I long for having a Saturday to sleep in, lounge in all day in my pajamas, watch a movie. I'm the mood for something like The Notebook or Hum Tum or even an old black and white romance with the old fashioned tenderness and something very emotionally cuddly.

But, no! I don't have the time and cannot afford a luxury like a Saturday to myself. That's typical college life. I love being busy with school, work, church and socializing but sometimes I really crave a day all to myself.
I am keeping my connection with church even when so much is going on. I am still doing ESL on Saturdays. I love it.

I also started going to Origins, a ministry for 23 - 35. It's kinda like a young professionals group and unlike Impact not a singles group. Its both married and single between those ages. It's the next step up from Genchurch I guess.

I have gone ballroom dancing with Meg and a bunch of others from Concordia. She's gone to dance contests and seems pretty good. I went to The Blue Monk again listening to jazz. I love hanging out but my hanging out will have to cease in the next three weeks. Yes, only 3 more weeks of school left!

I have so much homework. I have 5 research and major papers due within the next three weeks. The assignments vary from interpreting the great writers who are almost insane. Why do some famous writers go crazy? The others are psychology papers. I am being stretched in ways I haven't been. It's not easy going from PBC to junior year of a regular college.

I love my Westside small group and all the Westsiders. I want to smother all of them with hugs because they are the coolest people.