Asian Indians continues to arrive at the shores of United States in big number and with big dreams. Based on American community survery 2005, between 2000-2005 Asian Indian population in the United States grew by 38% (nearly 2.4 million). See the US census report -

See also news reports in Washington Post, Little India, and Hindustan Times.

The influx outpaces all other groups of immigrants. The growing partnership and goodwill between the two great nations (not to mention American need for technology workers) will only cause steady rise in the years to come. Even outsourcing is not keeping Indians back home, but want to explore greater opportunity in the largest economy of the world.

This trend might continue to overshadow the American-born Desi Indians (the Coconut Generation). Also migration of Christians from India has also reduced significantly as compared to late 60s and 70s. So Indian churches in America will be forced to recon with leadership transition to the next generation. While in the Hindu and Jain temples leadership will continue to be held with immigrants. This will cause a silent exodus of second generation from religious institutions where leadership is held and more geared to address the needs of the immigrants.