i was in a grumpy mood since this morning, i woke up late, actually i woke up really early turned off my alarm, then went back to sleep, and then i woke up late, traffic was misplaced today, the drive into campus looked serene but it was really deceptively trecherous, and it was terribly cold, unwholesomely cold- by this i mean -10 degrees C. but this is vancouver, so that's cold.

i went to my stats class where i realized i don't like math at all. then went to Koerner library where i let my toes freeze for about an hour till i decided they're not going to turn the heat on so i might as well go to Barber.

got some studying done while at barber, then went for lunch at the SUB, and then due to some drama left the SUB and had lunch at Nando's- good company and better food... ended up going home earlier than expected because it started to snow again. listened to some oldie music and some new stuff- but generally good. came home downloaded some nelly furtado and feeling so much better.

on my way from Koerner to Barber i was looking around and everything i saw pushed me to test my last nerve, and by the time i sat down i wanted to scream at everyone in the library and particularly the people sitting near me who kept talking about biology- like it's interesting! riiiiiiight. so i took a piece of paper and wrote all the things i hate, the things that despise me and annoy me, everything from the most minute qualities of myself to the terrible crises going on in the world, then i folded up the sheets (turned up being two and a half pages) and tucked them away so i wouldn't have to look at them because right now i have more pressing issues to concern myself with. and what a release! it felt so good.

and now i want to melt into bed with a book and read myself to sleep... but i can't i have many pressing issues to address....