During the last few weeks, I had so many papers due. I just turned in two papers this week and I feel such a relief. I will be up late tonight finishing on a paper for American Literature. Why do I get the best ideas late night or in the shower? This is the last paper and one class presentation for a psychology class.

I got another 10 page paper back and I got an A. I feel great and can't help feeling slightly proud of myself because that professor is quite demanding. I was nervous about his class but feel assured.

I'm so sleep-deprived. I had a class presentation and instead of saying "The number of 18 year olds getting breast implants have increased three times in one year," I said 8 year olds instead. The whole class jumped and looked at me, a girl sitting in front of me said "8 year olds?"

I correct myself, made a joke about it and laughed along with the whole class. Talk about embarassing tongue slips. I have done many embarassing things in front of people. From experience, the best way to deal with them is to turn it around into something hilarious and get a laugh out of it.

I feel so overwhelmed. I cried to my Dad. He was understanding.