I've made a few minor additions to the website. Took quite a bit of effort but it was all worth it. The one that i especially like is the ability to extract related news from the BBC (See point no. 3). Below is a list of what i've recently added and things to come:

1. Some pics to Pritam's article on "Targeting Second Generation...". It's really neat. Check it out here

2. A Google search bar. Using Google's technology, it allows a visitor to search our site. Go ahead and try it.

3. Live South Asian News from the BBC. I installed a script that automatically extracts news headlines related to South Asia and it shows up on our site..top five articles that is. Basically, it makes use of some XML and RSS feeds. Praise the Lord for technology..haha.

4. A mini blogspot

Soon to come:

1. Addition of Shereen's and John's testimony
2. Addition of a Newsletter subscription form.
3. About Us section
4. Meet Team SAC section

Hope you like the newbies...