"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20)

Such a simple verse, most people recite it at the beginning of a prayer meeting or worship service not even considering the power that is in these few words. If you're unfamiliar with the verse, the "I" of this verse is Jesus. Accepting that the Word of God is absolute truth, and all things written in the Bible are true, the above statement cannot be false. Besides this, Jesus has and is always one keep his word, fulfilling the prophesies of the old testament and honoring his words through action. He promised Peter and Andrew to be "fishers of men" and they, during their time, brought people to salvation; as he performed various miracles and healings he said that mere faith in him would cause a person to get healed, and we have read that many were healed that way...from the lame man, to the leper, to the woman suffering from hemophilia; he promised he would rise again on the third day following his burial, and once again he fulfilled his word. Thus i no way take the words of Jesus for naught, he means what he says.

So let's recap, the subject of the verse: JESUS. The Word of God: absolute TRUTH. The character of Jesus: PROMISE-KEEPER.

In believing in the above stated facts, looking back at the verse, ensures us of the power of the few words. I can proudly testify that i have experienced this promise and Jesus did not fall short of anything. A small gathering of two or three is what he calls for, but why shut the doors after 3? I was recently at a few gatherings were the numbers were near or into the 100's and 1000's. It was a truly amazing site, and to be a part of it, truly indescribeable. As i stood back to see what was around me these thoughts came to my mind:

"Dear God, there are people here of all different sizes, all different ages, all have a different history, and they're all in this one place. People of different races, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, past spiritual practices. But with all that aside every single person here is here for You. The differences between each person cannot be counted they are so vast, more than 100 different languages and dialects represented in one room. Brought together by purposes and causes of 1000 different reasons, seeking one God, one Salvation, and one Spirit. As you look down at us and see us all here, you see past our differences, you see past our problems, and we become children calling out and praising their Father in heaven, who made us as beings in His image. The universality of my God is vast that anyone of any "tribe, kindred, or nation" can call out to Him and He WILL hear them. I speak a language different from my neighbour, and yet You understand us both. I come to you at a different time of day and still you hear us both. i ask you for different things and again you give us both our requests. God created languages, He made one person darker than another, He formed each body with percision and care, and yet the same One who created these differences sees none of them."

And as I looked out into the crowd where not one was the same as the one beside them, I began to feel the power of the Spirit and see Jesus before me. hands lifted in praise to one God, voices singing songs of love to one Saviour, and the calling forth of one Spirit. The power of the Spirit came in the tears on the faces of many, and Jesus reveled himself through the joy that those tears represented.

Jesus is not one to discriminate, He has no intention of calling out my difference from yours. He promises that he will be present at any gathering of people, and not only does he make an appearance he brings with him the hosts of heaven to worship with us, the Holy Spirit to cause things to happen that can't be explained, and the Glory of God, that we may all see and feel His presence there.

Jesus is always with me, no matter where I am, and when I go to a place of worship where we can all gather together, his presence is made all the more real. His promise was made over 2000 years ago, but as a man of his word, he has not failed to show, "where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."