1. cleaned my room yesterday. it's spotless now, you're all invited in.

2. watched bunty aur babli last night. i loved it! it reminded me of catch me if you can which i liked as well. i love rani for taking the not-so-traditional roles. most of the movie was believable except for maybe babli's miraculous recovery when they make their get-away towards the end.

3. my paper had reached a page and a half in courier new, 12-point, double-spaced font. hopefully by tonight it'll be somewhere near fifteen (wishful thinking i know). at least the intro is done and i have a thesis to work off of.

4. so yesterday, i tell my mom i want greek food. she tells me i'm a glutton and it's a sin and yadda yadda yadda. and then in the evening, what does she come home with? KFC! and she says "i brought it for you so you wouldn't get bored of eating what's at home." schnikes! i don't have a problem with chapati and daal which she made the day before, in fact, i like chapati and daal and whatever else was in the fridge. i don't understand how kfc satisfies a craving for roast lamb and savory lemon potatoes. anyhoo...

5. i guess i go a little crazy with the cravings. but hey, that's why i have a job, it feeds me. i don't think i could ever handle being pregnant, i wouldn't know what to do with myself!

6. that aside. in all seriousness... unity is such a fragile thing that must be protected at all costs.

7. i spent the last fifteen minutes freeing the kernels of an anar (aka pomegranate). took forever but it was totally worth it! yum! this one wasn't half rotten like the last one i had.

going to take a nap,