I just want to thank you all for your prayers for the PMC Vancouver Drama. The team has just come off months of rehersal, recording and the rest. We are in anti-climax now. Funny all this time and energy, prayer and effort to do a 15 min shin dig is done! The drama was viewed as supurb by many critics (or atleast the ones that count). The Pharisees were offended and the wicked gnashed their teeth and the righteous rejoiced, so we couldn't be happier!

We even received a million compliments and commendations but not the glory. That alone belongs to God. Now our hero Shar Ru Jeet will go into the PMC Hall of Fame with Baba Ji, Mr. Cow, Kuhlfi girl, B'oprah B'infrey, King Herod and the rest. This production was the most nerve racking and the biggest one we had done yet. I was shaking and our actors were nervous and it was quite a buzz! It will be a memorable one... Things went really well but you know what???

We know we can do even better. The team and I had a chance to witness the drama on video and you wouldn't believe how many mistakes we picked up... ha ha! Some were fixable and others were things that seem beyond our control but we know God can change that!

We beleive that this one was a teaching lesson and an oppourtunity for God to wet our appetites for something greater. We want to take on a new task, a bigger dream, a grander vision, a bolder idea! We are not sure what it is yet but God will tell us! Will you continue to pray for us? We want to master our craft and become better at what we do! We want offer God our best because He offered his best to us. He offered Jesus!

Once again a million thanks for your millions of compliments and all your prayers!