1. It's going to be another week of sleepless nights and typing up loads of **** which I will eventually turn in under the guise of 'Research Paper'.

2. Finally, got a burned copy of the God's Not Dead (the GenUnleashed CD). *smile*

3. It's interesting how I learn practically nothing during the term and then learn an entire term's worth of information during exam week. And then I think to myself--"Mann! If I'd known this stuff before, I could actually consider myself intelligent." But alas, I am a hopeless fool who's bound to procrastinate all term and then cram everything in two days before writing the exam only to forget it all two days after. For those two days, however, it's nice having everyone think I'm a smart person, when in reality, I'm just a loser that needs to make the grade.

4. Yeah. So that's about it. I really have nothing important to say in this post. Just wanted to write about something other than Ashoka or pre-modern India.

5. Back to studying :(

Later people,

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