Exams are out and summer's in full swing! My plans for this summer include:

1. Selling shoes so my pockets remain full.

2. Settling into our new house with my own room once again. It'll be a whole lot nicer than this one bedroom suite we've been boarding in for the last year.

3. Getting my wisdom teeth out, which I anticipate to be quite painful and other descriptions aren't helping much either.

4. A two-month trip to India, which is why I got a job in the first place. I figured if I was so adamant about going, I'd better finance my own trips.

5. A stop in Singapore to see Pastor Pritam and Balbir and little Sujaan (who may not be so little when I finally get to see her).

6. Back to work when I get back in August.

7. Back to school full time in September.

And that's all folks plus any extras or surprises God might wanna throw in.

21 and abundantly blessed!