Hey, seen the new movie - The Nativity Story yet?

I hope to make it before Christmas. Or it will be next year when the DVD version comes out. I am sure this will make this familiar story come alive. Last week, a friend of mine saw the movie and spoke highly of it. Since then I really wanted to go. Just the scheduling difficulty. See the official site www.thenativitystory.com. Read a review of the movie.

The Nativity Story doesn’t recite word for word from scriptures as in Jesus Film made by Campus Crusade. But it is heavily drawn from the gospel narratives of the birth of Jesus. The movie is the story of Mary and Joseph making their laborious journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in obedience to the governmental edict and to fulfill the ancient prophecy of a Messiah in the Old Testament.

Since the success of the Passion of Christ, so many bible based movies are coming out. Hollywood seems to be keen on gaining access to wallets of Christians. It makes perfect business sense. You either make biblically accurate movie or contrary to its teaching. Both gets lots of publicity and its makers gather their booty!

But the message of the movie is this - a teenage girl became a God-bearer. God still are looking for teenagers and all who are willing to be worldchanger, by birthing Jesus into our worlds and making him real in our contexts. May God find favor with us to be God-bearers!