I had a good Christmas.
I hung out with my family and in the morning we did our gift exchange. Every night, we put presents for each other under the tree and in the morning we open it. It is so true that it is more fun to give than to receive. I liked seeing their faces when they open their presents. My dad gave me a giftcard. Spending time in prayer with them was nice.

Me and Surya went shopping the day after Christmas. I wanted to get a few good deals. I couldn't believe how crowded the malls were. It was insane. I ended up standing in line for the fitting rooms and then again waiting in line for the cashier. I used to work retail and used to work during the holidays and I know how crazy things can get.

I bought new pants and Victorias secret heavenly perfume and lotion. They had sales and I love that scent. I went to Barnes and Nobles and was looking for a book for first year teachers but they did not have them. During my first year as a teacher, I will be spending money on books. My idea is why wait till I graduate. I can start right away whenever I get time and money. Rebecca, a classmate told me she's already starting to buy teaching books.

I am dipping myself in the inspirations of God. I am getting inspired by the love of God and modeling relationships based on our God's idea of love. Right now I am working on a short story for a fiction contest. If I win, I get $500.