Dear Lord,

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me.

Dear Lord, I have learnt so much ironically from "samaritans".

Your word is food for my spirit, strength to my mind, knowledge to my zeal, esteem to my confidence.

Let me not be divided, O, do not pass me by. I am all but a fool without you.

Let me be blessed in this year of double portion, let that rainbow colour my life, tell me the secrets of the stars, Kings, give me insturction in wise dealings in righteousness, justice and equity.

Please Lord let your wrath dicipline me that I might purge away my foolishness and bring you joy. Let me not say my body is weak but my spirit is willing.

With your grace let me be successful in your work. A patient man can save a city from destruction. i love you lord.

Love you LORD