Hey Mr. Bilson Blogaholics! Hope you are enjoying the NEW YEAR!

As you know, I do enjoy posting prayer requests on this blogger and I recently got a new one. Most of you know that God is doing a new and great work among the Christian South Asian Community.

God has poineered a new work called South Asian Connection which holds a convention called South Asian Global Convention or SAGC for short. [check out www.SAGC2007.com]

I was wondering if you will be willing to pray for this great work. It will be held in London this year from Aug 1-5. But you might be asking what it is about? We'll there is a four 'c' fold vision (from www.southasianconnection.com):

1. CHALLENGE South Asian Youth and Young Adults to embrace the Great Commission

2. CONNECT South Asian churches, ministries and individuals locally and globally into a worldwide transdenominational network

3. COORDINATE the South Asian Global Convention SAGC 2004, SAGC 2007 and beyond.

4. COMMUNICATE ideas, strategies and resources.

I know that you all have been faithful in the past to pray but now I'd like to have the pleasure of setting the example. If you have time, I was wondering if you can even type your pray on the comment board below. It would be a great encouragement to us all.

Why don't I begin,

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for being a radical, creative, beautiful and faithful God. Thank you for being with us in the past year! Thank you for giving us fulfillment, peace and encouragement and love. We are can do nothing apart from you? I was wondering if you can help us out. Can you give us new inspiration, ideas, and provision to hold SAGC London in a completely different and supernatural way!

We don't know where to begin at times and we desperately need you! Can you provide us with more laborors, strong health, better communication, and perserverance to run this new race. You see, we are mad about you and we want to make something beautiful for you!

But at the same time we need you do help us! We are in aw e of you! Can you give our team new strength and wisdom and life? Can you continue to guide, protect and equip us. We have tasted and we have seen you! Now we want to give you honor, glory, and even some pleasure! Once again, thanks for everything. Help Pr. P & B and the London team! Thanks for being there for us!

In your name,


See you soon and remember to KEEP ON PRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYING! Check out www.SAGC2007.com