I feel like a mother for some reason. I had seen visions of myself in labor as if giving birth to a baby and then craddling that sweet innocent baby in my arms. First, I didn't think much about it. I thought those are just my biological female or maternal instincts kicking in. From time to time, I do wonder about having children.

I had a vision later. In that vision, I was pregnant, my one arm held a baby against my breast, the other hand holds the hand of a child learning to walk. Around me I am surrounded by children of all ages, some young children and some infants, some teenagers but there were thousands of children who I gave birth to. Think thats insane. That dream is prophetic of my spiritual children. Evangelism, discipleship and giving birth to ministries and churches has been something I dream about and passionate about.

I want to see God's kingdom being preached and new spiritual births. When a person gives his or her to Jesus, a new birth happens in the spirit realm. But, the spiritual infants needs to be taken care of and raised to be mature believers. People should not give birth to babies and then leave them in the streets. Similarly, how many times have we the church done this to new believers who are in the infancy stage of their faith? Listen closely to the metaphor. I ask God to bring me a person who needs encouragement or needs to know you more.

Sometime back I wondered why aren't I spending more time serving in the church, why haven't I been doing more for God and bearing no spiritual fruit? Am I barren? I realize it isn't so. I am being prepared. After praying I get this revelation, in the natural and conventional realm, when a woman plans to have children and wants to have healthy babies and have a healthy childbirth, what does she do? She excercises, eats healthy and takes her folic acid, quits bad habits and learn how to be a mother. If any woman plans to have a baby she should be ready to take care of them.

Almost similarly, transcending this natural understanding to the supernatural... I am right now getting my spiritual body ready for bearing spiritual results...the results are effectively preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons and speaking God's word and going out and making disciples. This is nothing special ... just the promises of the scriptures, Jesus spoke to all his ordinary believers.

I am just in a season of preparation. My faith is being tested in different ways, I feel the work of God upon my life and I am being challenged to become more like Christ. This has been such a burden on my spirit.

Side Note: Don't take this literally. I am not pregnant at all. I am expressing a spiritual topic in an allegory that explains something. I am just using the idea of pregnancy but don't think of anything else beyond just being pregnant. And, don't tell me you fell asleep in your literature classes :)