in general nothing exciting, tantilizing, or vaguely interesting has been going on, and i'm posting so i can postpone researching for my history paper...

i saw Blood Diamond yesterday, and if you don't see any other movie this year, watch Blood Diamond- it was amazing on so many levels, great cinematography, well written script, great story, and the moral is of significance. i also enjoyed the subtle manner in which they poked fun at CNN, the UN, and "decision making" bodies ruled by the upper middle class and downright wealthy.

i have a proff for Mughal India who's a tranny (was once a man, but is now a "woman"), she's clearly intersted in what she's talking about and is well versed in the subject- as her incessant rambling proves. the only thing to say about the class is that, the way she pronounces the names of the places makes India sound like a truly foreign place. i like her sarcasm and random funny comments. most recently amusing line: "don't sit there stewing in your own ignorance"

this will be my last semester as an undergrad, and after that my life is a complete mystery. i'm looking of a job where i can use my "knowledge" of political science oriented material. but nothing seems to be available. i personally want to work in some foreign relations oriented field, but to my parents, their definition of foreign goes as far as surrey, or a similar city less than 30mins away from home. we'll see where the yellow brick road takes me.

and the topic that seems to rise up in every conversation: the weather. it sucks, it was raining/snowing/windy/disgusting the other day. i want the sun to come out already, i can picture myself in summer clothes, driving with the a/c on, parking underground so the car doesn't melt and running into an a/c building so i don't melt, having gelato and complaining that it's way to hot and i wish it would rain just a little.