...That's my man, like my coffee - tall, strong and steaming hot. Just kidding. The best advice that was ever given to me was to make a list and not compromise. Here is a partial list of what kind of guys I like.

There is a lot more to this but that is between me and God. I know this is not eharmony.com, match.com or shadi.com but just for fun I'll post it here.
Loves God with all his heart and knows Jesus well.
Ministry attitudes - I'm sick of guys who think they know-it-all and did something special to get God's favor. The holier-than-thou attitudes are such a turn-off. I hate to say this, but I find many of those types in PBC.

These type of people can impress people with their "skills" but I want to see how they treat someone and show the love of Jesus to a hurting person and really care. The idea of ministry is servant-heart, comes from a love of God and His house. It's not about positions and titles. I think this has to do with maturity.

Caring, the heart of a father - can love the rejected, hurting people.
Intelligent - so attractive and irresistable. I like intellectual types.

Outgoing, social person - who says you can't be intelligent and fun loving.
A person who is NOT culturally stupid. Who is aware of what goes out in the world. A person who takes risks and not sheltered in the "christian" culture bubble.

I don't really have a preference for race or ethnicity but who knows.
Preferably not a pastor - I don't think I want to marry a pastor. I feel more called into support ministry. I want to be involved in the community but yet part of the church.

An amazing person. I want to look at him and always think to myself " Wow, what a man! How did I get to be with him?" A guy I can respect.
What about looks? I would be lying if I said looks don't matter at all. Come on, a guy who doesn't shave, shower and sloppy is not someone I'd find attractive. This is a personal preference but I like tall guys, with a natural build, darker hair. I don't find blond hair that attractive.
A warrior/knight in the kingdom of God, tough at heart and I'll be glad to be his princess.