I am the prodigal son, who walked away from the inheritance I had. I left all I knew to be true to wander for years in the doubt and despair I felt. I disobeyed the Father and I left His house rebelliously. There’s not much I can really offer anyway, but I’ve finally ran back to Him. He accepted me with open arms and a tearful smile. I am back home now in the House of my Father.

I am Mary Magdalene. I’ve prostituted myself before the evils of this world and given deepest parts of me away to sinful pleasures. When God met me and rescued me I was waiting to suffer the consequences of my actions. I count every day I live now to be redeemed. I don’t care what the world thinks of my Jesus, I love Him more and more each day.

I am Zaccheus. I’ve cheated and lied my way on so many occasions for personal gain. I could never believe that God actually wanted to touch me and change my life. That day when He came into my house and met me at my point of need…that’s grace; and I’ve willingly accepted that grace. He’s brought about a change in me that I never thought was possible.

I am blind man Bartimaeus. I couldn’t see a thing. I heard Jesus was in town and all I could do was shout, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” People tried to hold me down and tell me to be quiet, but I shouted all the more. “Son of David have mercy on me!” The thing is, I’d been waiting for someone to heal me and when I heard of Jesus and all that He was doing, I became utterly desperate. Jesus met me and healed me. He was the first thing I gazed upon, and what a smile I was welcomed with!

I am Nicodemus. I try to look good in front of people by amazing them with my piety, my longsuffering, and my religiosity. I misunderstand who Christ really is to the people around me, and how much He loves and cares and wants to redeem the heart of man. I am satisfied being a ‘holy person’ among a crowd of ‘heathens’, yet not willing to reach out and care for those who are hurting and downtrodden and repulsed by society. I just want to look good…nothing else matters. My personal dignity and honor is what I live for. That night I talked to Jesus, I realized how little I truly understood of religion and belief and faith in God.

I am Peter. I willfully denied my Lord at the time I should have stood up for Him. The pain and sorrow I felt from that experience was haunting. I really wanted to commit suicide and die. It was like there was nothing I wanted to live for. When I heard Jesus died all hope had left me. In my shame I wasn’t even there in the last moments on the cross. When Jesus finally rose again I couldn’t contain my joy. He met me and loved me…that’s all I can really say. He met me and took me up again. He forgave and restored. That’s the Christ I follow.

All in all I am sinner saved by grace, called forth to abundant life, where my crown is humility, and my robes are righteousness. I am loved by a God who knew there was nothing within myself that could save me. I am a child of the Most High and the more I think about that, the more I understand that this journey is about Christ living in me and not about my inconsistencies, my failures, or my weaknesses. I am His…and He is mine…bought with the precious blood of Christ.