I wish I could begin to speak of the time I felt such feelings
Silence breeds such recompense undeniably joyful
In heart and head, all the above makes sense
It's a joy to see, a blessing to hold
A life worth living, of passion untold

I dream of better days when words can be spoken
I see the clouds of time break forth unburdened
To have and to hold, to cherish and protect
I speak of a hope held dear and deep

But these words can't be said
They must remain unspoken
A whisper waiting on my tongue

So here I am waiting, not just for more
But waiting for myself, waiting to truly know
Patience is my alibi and Wisdom is my friend
I wait for His time, I wait for Him to send

So let us grow in the grace of the hope of what we have
And let us thrive in the struggle as Patience begats Virtue
Let us walk in the valley and hope for a better day
As what we feel comes alive in His time and in His way