I have a friend who's name is Deb O! Her B-day is sometime this month but as always, I forgot the wonderful date (What else is new?). I must say that I'm one of the most blessed person's on earth! I have got some wonderful friends and so is D! I was recalling all the great things about this person. Her patience to her four beautiful kids. Her kindness to all who invade her home. Her awesome hospitality which know's no bounds and who can forget her amazing cooking. Gotta love those rice crispy squares.

I was also remembering the time she came over to my pad. Mom made a bunch of food and we had a wonderful evening. We gathered our friends and played some games and fellowshipped. Before you know it the night was over and it was time to leave. As people were departing, Deb O did something amazing. She stayed behind and washed all of our dishes. Sure she couldn't gone home to tuck her beautiful children to bed, she could have left and caught up on some light sleep. She could've even went home to be with her hubby (also known as Mr. Mom!)

But no! This wouldn't do for this woman of God. She was willing to put all that aside to help out! She was willing to be first by being last and servant of all (Matt 20:26-28). And for that there will be great rewards in heaven!

Also, I recalled the time that it was my birthday! The friends came over again and we had a 50's night. The house was AWESOMELY decorated and everything was marked by excellence! It was cool. We dressed in our favorite 50's gear and played a mystery game. The juke box was on and we had milkshakes and wild 50's music. I was ecstatic! But no, it gets better.

My friends, come out singing Happy B-Day to yours truly with an awesome Chocolate cake. I was surprized, shocked and even felt like crying (forget the crying part!). We dug into an soft, moist chocalate cake that lifted me up to heaven. And guess who made it? It wasn't A Bomb, or David, or even Rob but Deb!

God bless the Deb's in our life! The world needs more of them!

Now I'm in a JAM! What do I give on her B-Day and when do I give it? AHHhhhh!