1. If life were like a box of chocolates, I feel like someone picked up mine and turned in upside down and gave it a good hard shake! Not that anything was in order in the first place...

2. Been listening to a lot of Leeland, usually I like only one or two songs off of any given CD, but these guys are really good...love most of the songs especially "Beautiful Lord" and "Sound of Melodies" and several others.

3. Deeper Walk #4 :: Catalyst

4. I'm realizing everyday just how much of a third culture kid I am--a global citizen, which sounds like a really cool term but it's a lot more complicated. I couldn't tell you where I was from or where I grew up because it's all over the place. I'm not a typical Indian, nowhere even close to typical Malu. I wouldn't call myself Canadian. I'm not much of an American. And while I did spend some time there, I'm not Middle Eastern. I'm not white, not black, not brown, not anything... and no matter how much I want to or how much I try, I'm never going to really fit in anywhere. I'm just me. Third Culture Kid.

5. Just today, I was referred to as being white-washed because I didn't fit a specific stereotype, except I've never in my life been referred to as being white-washed. I know what the term means and I'm nowhere close. But it really brought out the warped worldview of many young people here who live in this highly segregated "mosaic" that is called the suburbs of Vancouver and who think they know everything about the world outside of Surrey or Delta or Richmond. Kids who can only get along with other kids who are of the same cultural background as them, who feel out of place with someone of a different skin color or with a different lifestyle. There you have it...Canada's oh-so-brilliant multiculturalism.

6. I feel like a rubberband that's being stretched... and any one of these days, it's gonna snap.

7. Been reading through my Bible because I got a new one and I need to read it through and locate verses, etc. I love the story of Joseph, everytime I start his story, I just can't bring myself to stop until the very end of Genesis. Anyhow, right now I'm on Moses. Here is a leader that really inspires me. If there is anyone whose limitations I can identify with, it'd be Moses. If there is any leader that I would want to be like, it's Moses. Some of his conversations with God are so intimate...they talked like friends. Moses wasn't afraid to ask for anything. The burden he carried for a people who were incredibly difficult to deal with is truly inspiring. And, Moses was a third culture kid too.

It's late. I'm tired.

Signing off,

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