Sometimes I wonder about the thoughts that went through my parents mind, when I came up with the craziest ideas. When I was really young, everyone thought it was just cute. I still have crazy ideas very often.

Surya & I were looking at our heritage. Finding out our real origins and stuff like that really fascinates me. My parents already told me stories about our family from the last 4 or 5 generations. Since then, our relatives are so strange and crazy. I am curious to go back a couple of generations but I don't think anything will change. So nice to know that I came from a bunch of weirdos. Not only are our family weird but also boring. They had just boring ordinary lives and nothing interesting. For one thing, half of them are Malayalees and that might explain it. Yes, I just said, what you think I said. I am half malu so I can make fun of my own heritage.

Yesterday, Surya looks at me and said, "We have a task to do. We're going to break the boringness of our lineage." Looks like we will live much more interesting lives than our weird family. Surya wants to be in the FBI and I want to be a writer, missionary and a bunch of other stuff. And of course if you surrender your life to Jesus, life will be on the fast lane and never boring. Both of us are adventurous and risk takers (within the limits of basic common sense and reason).

Maybe I will start wearing dresses and skirts more often. I went out downtown and couldn't see even one lady in a skirt. On extremely cold days, its understandable. Also, I always hear girls say how hard it is to find jeans/pants that fit. It's easier for men to find pants because guys sizes are based on waist and height. For women, theres other things to consider and there's no standardization in sizes like you could be wearing a size 8 in one brand and size 4 in another brand. And, sometimes in the same brand you switch another type you have to go up or down one size. This is why shopping for pants take a long time. But, with a skirt fit, the only thing that really matters is the waist and of course modesty such as length. And, knee-length skirts look better.