I just came back from Mission Fest. It was crazzzy! You can just stare in awe of the body of Christ. So many booths, missions, visions, burden, dreams, desires, needs, and don't forget love, love, love! I was looking at the body. There were hands, and feet, and necks, toes, and nails and livers, arms and one head! I was just amazed.

I thought, "Where do I fit in, in all of this? What part do I play? Where do I begin?"

Than I passed by a booth called CFAN, or Christ for all Nations! I know this ministry! Who doesn't? I know this man of God named Rienhard Bonnke! I know his mission, vision and even story! I went and talked to the man behind the booth. We was just smiling under the presence of God and I can see why.

A real miracle was taking place. It included, 10's, 100's, 1000's, 10,000's, 100,000's, 500,000's, and MILLIONS! It was reaching out to the lost. I talked to the man and told him how I was in absolute awe of what God was doing through this ministry. MILLIONS coming to Christ but in a muslim country. It was astounding! Unbelievable and almost unheard of... Only a miracle being done from God himself! From his very throne room and for his very Glory.

I've seen many crusades and conventions but filled with lots of Christians. This one was much different. It was filled with the lost coming to Christ and in the MILLIONS! SHOUT MILLIONS! WOW! Oh, and they weren't done yet. They want to reach 100 MILLION before the end of the decade. An act only God himself can perform! And it is happening!

I was in awe of the multitudes coming to Christ for the first time. I spoke to the man behind the booth who was also in awe. We talked and talked and talked. Finally, he gave me a video that cost $30 but he gave it to me for free. He asked about me and what I do. I told him about PMC and the vision and the miracle that we were seeing. It was the same God! I told him about SAGC and our vision. It was the same God! I told him about the little role that I play. It didn't matter how small it was because it was for THE SAME GOD!