So it's reading week and I'm supposed to be reading my 17-thousand pages of somebody's else's crap and doing research for papers and studying for midterms in classes with unrealistic profs who expect you to know every freakin detail of every single reading and every single lecture!! Two days have gone by and I've accomplished...*drumroll please*...nothing!

You know, I swear something is wrong with my brain, like I must have ADD or something. I look at my readings and all I see are words that make no sense. And after like half a sentence, I'm already sleepy or my mind is on a hundred other things and not the subject at hand. So thinking that I need something to keep me awake (usually some sort of food), I get like popcorn since it's relatively healthy compared to chips and junk.

 I finish the entire bowl of popcorn and I'm still on like the second paragraph and I still haven't the slightest idea of what I just read! Like what the heck is that about!?! I don't understand! Anyways, I better figure out how to fix my brain cuz two midterms and six papers aren't going to write themselves.

So what have I done these two days? Well, I'm almost finished booking tickets to London and India--a process that has turned out to take much longer than anticipated. I wrote a draft of the letter that I will send out to folks to help me raise funds. Did some revising and editing. Talked with certain people (probably would have accomplished more talking to a wall).

Talked with other certain people and received a bit of encouragement. Experienced a great deal of anger and frustration and disappointment and have been in an overall dismal mood. And I did some thinking.

Anyways, I think tomorrow I will take up Frank's offer and actually go to UBC and try to study. Don't know how that will work out because last time I decided to go to UBC to study, I fell asleep on those wonderful little sofa seats in Barber. But I am determined. Yes. Very. Determined.