i've kept away from blogging for the primary reason that we had a slow internet connection and i couldn't be bothered to sit around and wait for eternity's end for a page to load, i've also been occupying the majority of my time catching up on readings and therefore just haven't had the time to sit down and write.

i've got nothing worth talking about going on in my life, same-old same-old. so, i thought i'd paint the furniture in my room before my parents had anything to say about it, but i didn't like what i did to it, so i'll be sanding it all down and starting from scratch soon enough. since we got our reno's done, my room's been mostly bare, and i'll be making my first hammer stroke sometime this week against my virgin walls to hang up some pictures i've collected.

nav's going to hawaii for the week- that's my big news. another person's personal vacation is the most exciting thing happening in my life...!- i asked my mom if i could go with her, she replied "when you're married you (and your husband) can go anywhere you want"- i'm taking a shot in the dark, but i don't think my husband would like having to go with me and my girlfriends on va-cay-cay.

nonetheless i've settled, i'm not doing what my cousins did and marry someone they fell in love with- they had to pay for half the wedding, and buy their own apartment!- nah i'd rather do it mom and dad's way- have them pay for the wedding, put the downpayment on an aparment (somewhere downtown and near the water), and have the opportunity to boast when i hear myself compared to the rest of my cousins when my relatives say "at least Tyna did it the right way". in the meantime i've given up my freedom and started thinking of ways to blame my parents for even the slightest relationship spat between me and my "signficant other". i foresee "disfunction" in my future....

the thing i look foward to most this reading week, watching good movies late into the night. no hawaii for me... i'll be living out my travel plans vicariously... till i'm married of course, and then i'm free... or something of the sort.