In recent years, Indian work culture has undergone dramatic changes. Working for global clients, hi-tech tools, opportunities to get ahead etc have propelled this new culture. Days of punching card and get out of work at 5pm is over.

People are working all the time, at least thinking and talking about it. We are also seeing fall out as a result. Obesity, heart attacks at younger ages, psychosomatic cases, martial problems etc have skyrocketd.

So in light of these trends, what are the resolution of young Indian professional? That is exactly what this study wanted to find out and results were most unexpected.

A survey of new year resolutions for 2007 among urban upwardly mobile professional shows a growing desire for a) better home-work balance, b) more exercise and c) spending more time with family. Very interesting!

After all the unprecedanted prosperity and global opportunities, people still tend derive most happiness and contentment in relationship, good health and family. People on their death bed, do not think of the raise must have had or career opportunities that came their way or business that could have started. Somebody said, we might win the rat race, but we are still rats! Any investment in family front will yield more return that anything else we could do in life