Due to issues beyond my control, the tickets for this summer's London/India trip have not been finalized. I'm still expecting to go. The opposition however is wearing me out, so I'm going to just let people say what they will and rely completely on God.

I don't have the answers for questions like: Where the money will come from? What exactly are two girls going to do in India? What if something goes wrong? What if we are stranded? What if you get lost? What if you get sick? Who will take care of you? etc.

There are people/ministries in Bombay, Kerala, and Bihar who are willing to host us while we are there. But apart from that, all I know is the God is more than able to provide the finances, open the doors, and take care of us. I have enough faith to leave my life and well-being in His hands!

I would rather ask... What if God provides more than enough money? What if there are more oppurtunties than what we are even able to take up? What if everything goes great? What if people are saved? What if lives are changed and people are touched? What if we gain a new perspective of missions in India? What if our faith is enlarged?

True, it won't be easy! Missions isn't easy! Living all-out for God is never easy! But there are those moments in life, where you get to feel just a tiny bit of what is in the heart of God, and you are never the same because your spirit is set ablaze. People don't understand what it is that drives you. And most just think you're foolish. But that fire continues to burn and refuses to be put out. That's because it's the fire of God. If it was my own fire, it would've died a hundred deaths in these last few years.

So I persevere.

I am nothing. Jesus is everything.