Here is just one of the banners we will be using for our SAGC booth in Vancouver, Canada. We are having a worship night with a number of different churches this Friday. The booth will be set up and the vision cast! Pray that more South Asians will come aboard.

I just met one man who wanted to go to SAGC Vancouver but didn't when he found out it was for youth and young adults... He was a little older but remember it is for those involved in South Asian ministry also especially among youth and young adults!

See you then!


Hello Dear Friends,

I just got word that a couple more tickets have been booked for London. Some of our friends caught the vision for SAGC and have booked flights. YEEEh HAAAAAaaa! The movement is happening. It is beginning and no one can stop it!

It began in Vancouver but now it is reaching London and than, who knows? Will it continue in Singapore? Or even Kuala Lumpur? How about New York? Maybe even Johannesburg? Only God know's at the moment.

Will you come aboard? What is stopping you? A lack of faith? Fear? Doubt? Disbelief? Free Your MIND!

South Asian Global Convention August 1-5th 2007 London,UK
Please visit: SAGC2007

Mr. Bilson