as the weather gets progressively better i'm feeling somewhat more apprehensive, about gradution etc. but i think i've already covered my fears about what the future has to hold in many previous posts....

i'm sitting here in the library, with a stack of notes to type up (a prefered method of studying that organizes my notes at the same time) but here i am typing on blogger and periodically looking across the bookshelves to the guy trying to do his readings but is clearly as bored and out of it as i am- he's changed his position 6 times in 5 minutes.

i've discovered facebook, after some carefull thought, i came to the conclusion that it's not that bad, i've come across the where abouts of people i've gone to highschool with- not that i hope to re-establish a relationship with them or anything, just knowing where they are is just enough gossip for me to pass on.

i was asked by my youth pastor to do a mini-preach last sunday at youth, it was from James 1 and was taken aback by how well james writes this book, and the importance of the message that he's talking about. i also had to the chance to go back to one of my favourite christian authors of all time- C.S. Lewis for some more of his witty insight into the matters of temptation, faith and similar God-things.

i'm trying to figure out a way to approach my parents, ask them to let me go on vacation with my friends, post-grad, but i haven't exactly figured out how. i keep playing possible scenarios in my mind, and at the end of all of them i settle with the expected answer and rather than get angry, scheme ways to disappoint them just a little without tarnishing my own reputation. is that too mean? oh well, i'll rephrase it when they actually let me go on vacation.

i've spent the greater part of my "study time" wasted on surfing the net, updating facebook, and writting this blog. perhaps i'll use my mind to some better use, and actually do some work.