I am doing nothing much at the moment, so I decided to pile up another list about what catches my attention in a guy. I know... its the inside that counts. On the other hand, I'll be lying if I say looks don't matter at all.

His own sense of style: The guy should have some sense of style. He doesn't have to buy the most expensive clothes. But he should at least not be sloppy. I'd then think he can't take care of himself. I don't like the overly metro style. Some of it is fine. I also don't like Emo style or Abercrombie like rugby stripped shirts. Both remind me too much of high school.
Taller than me: He has to be taller than me even when I wear heels.
Brunettes not Blonds: This is more of a personal preference, but I don't find blond haired guys that attractive. For race...don't really have a preference. But, I have to say I don't want the typical Desi guy or culturally stupid American (or Indian, or insert nationality)...Then again, I have a tendency to easily scare these guys off. I don't think a typical malayalee penti cannot handle me well. lol

Older Guys: I can't help it but get attracted to guys who are slightly older than me like thirties. I'd draw the line at 35, otherwise it'll be too weird. My parents will probably not like this at all.

Outgoing personality and how he carries himself. I can't stand guys who brag, talk crap, make stupidly offensive jokes. Oh yea...some of them are supposed to be Christian, church-going guys I have heard unbelievable stuff from Christians (probably the overly sheltered types) Some of them, I just want to smack them.

Indu Shanmugman