1. some lyrics for my current season of life:

    when the storm is raging all around me
    you are the peace that calms my troubled sea
    and when the cares of this world darken my day
    You are the light that shines and shows me the way

    oh, the beauty of Your majesty
    on the cross You showed Your love for me!

    beautiful Lord, awesome and mighty
    i’m captured by this love i see
    beautiful Lord, tender and holy
    Your mercy brings me to my knees
    it’s Your mercy that has made me free
    beautiful Lord

    when my sin is all that i can see
    Your grace remains the shelter that i seek
    and when my weakness is all i can give
    Your gentle Spirit gives me strength again

2. answered prayer is beautiful!

3. continually learning to trust Jesus. even when things look impossible.

4. Ethnography of South Asia paper due Thursday: "Assumptions in Indological Discourse of Differences between India and the West Demonstrated by British Colonialism"

5. International Relations of South Asia paper also due Thursday: "Causes and Consequences of the Taliban Resurgence in Afghanistan"

6. Human Rights in International Relations presentation topic for Wedsnesday: Homi Bhabha and Charles Taylor's discussion on the "right to narrate" ...don't even ask, no clue myself :P

7. HR in IR presentation for Monday is on my paper which I haven't thought much about but it's supposed to be on civil society and human rights...

8. For the 3-credit self-directed study I'm doing, I'm translating from Hindi to English the short story by Nirmal Verma, Pehla Prem

9. Associations and the State paper due in two weeks: "NGO's and the Creation of an Alternative Elite"

10. i'm going to watch The Namesake tomorrow with a friend. got a couple free screening tix.

now, back to work.

Benita Joy