Indian Youth 2007: AC Nielson-ORG-MARG survey interviewed 2846 respondents from the cities of Delhi , Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad , Bangalore , Ludhiana , Lucknow , Pune, Bhubaneswar , Kochi , Patna , Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

The sample comprised 1448 respondents between 18-24 years and 1398 between 25 and 30. As 540 million Indians between the age of 18-34 take charge of a new globalised India , they are seeing a never-before boom in careers. Laptops, cellphones and iPods are the new three piece. In a country with a teledensity of just 16 phones per 1000 people, the youth of urban India , the survey says, own 70 cell phones per 100.

Computer ownership is 23%. 50% in metros and 40% in mini-metros have access to Internet; 48% regularly chat; and 35% use World Wide Web for gathering news and information. 25% in big cities browse at least once in 2-3 days. With higher income youngsters prefer to hang out the lower income youngsters prefer to stay home during weekend. 44% think it is not necessary to marry the person you are dating. 71% believe arranged marriages are more successful while 25% believe love marriages are more successful.

For 64% inter-caste marriage is acceptable. 85% youngsters feel girls are given equal opportunities. 52% strongly feel divorce is better than to live in an unhappy marriage. 74% wish to stay in a joint family. The young only want to move with the status quo, not in spite of it. 75% wish to work in India while 24% wish to work abroad. 34% prefer Government service, 23% entrepreneurship, 18% private sector service, 7% IAS/IFS, 7% academics, 5% media, 3% legal profession and 3% miscellaneous. Among women 40% prefer Government job. 22% visit religious place daily; 43% once a week and 16% once in 2-3 months. 58% in the North Zone did not know any other language than Hindi which is their mother tongue; the national average is 69% know one more Indian language apart from their mother-tongue. 51% favoured reservations while 47% opposed in educational institutions for OBCs.

The top icon is Sachin Tendulkar with 14% and followed by: Amitabh Bachchan 12%, Sonia Gandhi 8%, Sania Mirza 7%, Atal Bihari Vajpayee 7%, L.N. Mittal 6%, Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai 5%, Ahishek Bachchan 4%, Anil Ambani and Manmohan Singh 4%. (India Today 19 February 2007, p. 42-73)


1. In hitting US shores, Indians are second only to Mexicans: The Ambassador of US to India said that 800000 visas are to be issued for people from India to go to US for business and pleasure. Last year 500000 visas were issued. H1B quota is 65000 visas per year and lobbyists are demanding for it to be raised to 115000. (Indrani Bagchi, The Times of India, 2 February 2007, p.1)

2. NRI wives to get legal stamp on passport: Indian women who marry non-resident Indians (NRI) will now get legal proof of their wedlock. The ministries of women and child development and overseas Indian affairs are pushing for a mandatory certification of marriage on the wife’s passport. A substantial number of Indian marriages are not registered and therefore, do not have legal sanctity. This makes it easy for NRIs to desert or abandon their wives or withhold alimony on the pretext that the marriage is not legal. (Himanshi Dhawan, Times of India , 2 February 2007, p.9)


 1. Tattoo survey: Thirty-six per cent of people aged 21-32 and another 24 per cent of people aged 18-50 have tattoos. 72% of people who get pierced are women, 18% of whom are Democrat, 8% Republican and 19 % Independent. (The Telegraph, 7 February 2007, p. 2)

2. Living alone: 51% of women in US are living alone. (The Week 11 February 2007, p.6)

3. McDonalds: 27 million is the total number of people the $21.6 billion (Rs. 87200 crore) McDonalds feeds every day, an increase of 1 million per year since 2003.) (Business Today, 25 February 2007, P.30)

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