Deeper Walk Was Awesome!!

Wow I learned so much and got so energized spiritually...
Some of the things that I learned at DW and that really touched me were:

Your're living for God today...don't count on tomorrow and don't dwell in the past cause u cant change the past and u dont know how the futur will turn out.. (Ashish)

Prayer is a very crutial part of ur life.. Even a small prayer makes a huge difference.. It is very powerful and it really helps all of us. (Prayer lady from Portland)

We shouldnt be scared go evengalize to others.. There is always some way to bring up Jesus in a conversation. We should just shoot for it and God will talk through us in that conversation.. Also we should use little words.. instead of trying to look smart and using gynormous words that no one would understand. (Guy from UBC)

We can make a huge difference in our schools, with our relatives, and with our friends.. We just need to have faith and dream big.. Take that stand because just one small action of ours can make a huge difference and if it saves one soul, than it was all worth it... Don't give up. You can cause a chain reaction . God can work through u to make a difference in many peoples lives.. He chose u for a reason. (Tracy)

The final thing that I learned was that worshiping is totally different than performing. Performing is when ur doing something for ur self and ur doing it by ur own strength to get all the glory later.. But worshiping is when ur offering ur self to God. You let him work through you. Its not u thats playing, singing, danceing, it's the holy spirit thats working through you.. All the honor and glory goes to our father in heaven.. we are just his humble servants.. He is the potter and he shapes us and molds us in the way he wants us to be.. (Holy spirit)

I hope DW made a difference in your lives and I incourage you all to stay energized for the lord.. It doesnt mean that just because DW is over that you go back to ur normal everyday lives.. Exalt his name.. Its all for him.. Also live each day like your last.. Have fun, share the word..and do as much for the lord as possible, because you dont know what might happen tomorrow.. You have a wonderful oppurtunity.. USE IT !!!

Peace and God bless you !!
Take care