1. Sim bought me black nail polish! Yay! I'm not a goth. It's not some sort of fashion statement. And I'm not experimenting with rebellion. I just happen to wear a lot of black because it requires minimum thought while standing in front of my closet every morning. So why not black polish to go with it aye? Hmm--I foresee many disgusted and questioning looks coming from Mallu people. Do I care? Not really.

2. I turned in Tuesday paper on NGOs which was written very poorly. Oh well. Glad that's over.

3. Have a paper due tomorrow but I slept all day and now I'm sitting here trying to research Bangladesh. It's not a typical paper. The class is country risk analysis and the paper has a completely different format and process of research and stuff. I should have started this about three weeks ago but too many other things were happening.

4. We had some kids over last night and they wanted to watch Joseph, King of Dreams so I sat there and watched the beginning with them. And when they left, I finished watching it by myself. I love the story of Joseph! I haven't sat down to watch anything in the last few weeks and it was like God ordained it to remind me of some important lessons.

When I look at the life of Joseph, I see faithfulness, trust, trustworthiness, grace, virtue, honesty, etc. Joseph was probably a spoiled brat and the pit episode, though extreme, can be somewhat understood in light of sibling jealousy and family dynamics. However, once in Egypt, even as things are starting to look up, he ends up in prison, not only for a crime he didn't commit, but for actually being committed to honesty and faithfulness. I can only imagine the kinds of thoughts running through his mind as he considered his circumstances. His life is one word: unfair. He had every reason to question, to give up, to give in--but he didn't.

I have lots to say about Joseph, but I have a paper to write so I'll cut it short here. Basic lessons from Joseph, King of Dreams:

- God always knows better; so do what is right and trust Him.

- Learn faithfulness.

- God honors those who honor Him.

- Learn to forgive.

- Sometimes, God uses the people you least expect to teach you important things in life.

- What happens to you in life is only a small part of who you are, how you respond to what happens is what truly determines your character.

- Doing what is right may not always work out the way you hope but it will certainly work out the way God intends, and in the end, God's way is the best way.

Okay, back to the paper...