haven't forgotten about blogging, vaguely, i've been busy, uninspired, and drained of words because of term papers and readings. but there is plenty of news to be shared and some very good news which must be publicized:

1. this is the last month of my BA, after that, it's all in God's hands. from what i understand He has big hands, so lets hope my future that rests in them is also big! i'm looking for a job, anything related to law/law office, so i've joined an unprecedented number of job search websites in hopes to find some legit employment- the search is going great, i'm sending out resumes, cover letters, and refrences left and right, but no one's replied yet... if all else fails, i'll have to go to "daddy" and ask him to ask his connections.

2. this coming month will be a whirlwind of activity, i've got 5 finals, 3 papers, 2 presentations, 2 more in-class "quizes", and a trip to plan... i'll get to that later

3. i'm at my grandma's house and for the past 15 mins she's been fascinated by my mp3 player, she keeps saying "it's so small, how do you get music from it?" i had to go through the task of telling her how to download music, and how you upload it onto the mp3 player then hook up headphones into the little hole... i came across some trouble as i know very few malayalam words pertaining to download, headphones, hook up, usb port etc.

4. the great thing about saturdays in surrey, and the only great thing about surrey in general (besides my grandparents) are the garage/yard sales. i got these 3 really great art-deco bowls from the 70s for $10- in really good condition too! i love those kind of bowls- my mom has a few from the early 80s and come my leaving the house, those bowls come with me

5. there are some pretty important changes going on within the family, all for the best, but all going on at once. these next couple of years will be jam packed with interesting events i'm sure. and after the end of this month things will be in place to permanently change the state of the family. without saying too much until things are set in stone and legally finalized, we're looking forward to some decisions that will make us all happier members of this family. don't jump to conclusions yet, i'll tell you all what going on when things are done.

6. the only thing on my mind lately, has been......my trip to CALIFORNIA!! i got the (suprising) okay from my parents to go with my friends to LA. we're going for 11 nights and 12 days. we'll be staying next to the beach, going to disneyland, universal studios, six flags, and some other places which i will disclose once i'm back!!- i can't talk much more about this- all the planning and decision making is driving me insane- i just want to go now. everytime i'm with my friends all we end up taking about is what we're going to do when we're in LA, transportation, and places we HAVE to visit...

the process of asking my parents wasn't as grueling as i thought, i asked if i could, and after a session of "make sure you..." and "don't...." and "what else...." and "for how long...." i got the final okay. the tickets are booked and there's no turning back!

7. i can't give up thinking about what's going to happen after graduation. i'm going to have to leave never never land and grow up, get a real job, with real people, and enter the real world. i can sense the emotional change that's suppose to happen, but i don't want to face it as reality. i know i keep talking about this over and over again, but it's the dominating thought in my mind: that i have no set path in front of me, i'm standing at the edge of my life and at the end of the next couple of months i'm going to have to take a step that'll decide how i my future turns out. i've decided to write the LSAT again in the fall, everything i'm hoping to become and do with my life depends on that LSAT- i'm giving myself the coming summer to get over my fear of the LSAT and study to the point of perfection.