1. It's easy to pick out the people on Facebook who have no life. Their profile changes by the minute...

2. It's kinda weird, but I've found that sometimes I'm talking to someone and they'll say something funny but instead of laughing, I feel this urge to just say "LOL"...haven't actually said it out loud yet, but I'm afraid that one of these days, it might just come out if I'm not being careful...

3. Isn't it strange how chatting internalizes your emotions--like, when you type "LOL", in reality, you're probably just sitting there being vaguely amused by some thought. Or you have this experience but it's all internalized. For example, when I need to vent, which often happens online with Sim, I never actually yell or scream or throw tantrums but it's funny how we show emotion by typing in caps or emoticons or whatever, but the whole time, I'm just sitting at the computer looking as calm as ever and yet having this entire emotional experience. And going back to "LOL"--usually, when I type that, it's cuz I see the matter in question as worthy of laughter but nine times out of ten, I'm probably just sitting there with, at most, an amused smile on my face--and certainly not actually laughing out loud (although it does happen on rare occasions).

4. We have registered for SAGC 2007 so London, here we come! And if London is happening, then India is certainly also on the schedule! *grin*

5. So as I was wasting time on Facebook today, I was reading some posts from one of the groups I'm in and was going through some Hindi vocab and stuff...which is the reason for my title.

6. (I did have an interesting point #6 initially, but then decided it was too explicit and therefore inappropriate for this blog. Ugh! Now I'm censoring myself--what is this blog coming to?!)

7. I have so many days and weekends to take off this summer, my manager is not going to be happy. I can't quit either cuz I need the money.

8. Started helping out regularly with Sunday School at Punjabi Church and it's been such a joy working with the kids and I realized just how much I love and miss children's ministry! Since moving to Vancouver, seems like youth and young adult ministry has kind of taken over my life. But the children are so precious and so often overlooked cuz they're so little!

9. School. UGH! Only three more weeks of it and then I'm free...well not really, then it's the real world. But at least I can enjoy the summer before worrying about what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. One thing is certain, by God's grace, I will never be so tied up that I can't be as involved in the church as I am today!

10. This weekend has been really relaxing. The major chunk of my papers have been turned in. Only 3 more papers, 1 assignment, and 3 exams left! After that, it's all in God's hands.

Anyways, I think 10 points is adequate.

Until next time,