3 papers, 2 presentations, 1 chapter test, 5 exams and 25 days till CALIFORNIA!!

matt said cup of green tea and an apple in the morning will keep you energized throughout the day. well i had a cup of green tea and an apple, and i've been energized all day... and now... i can't go to sleep. i guess i could read salman rushdie, that'll put me to sleep, but i don't want to go to bed angry.

so here i am, it's after 11 and i should be crawling in to bed tired and yearning for sleep- i have a long day ahead of me tomorrow... so what do i do, play bejeweled for a while and when i can't get past level 4 i read "india parenting"- the message/advice boards are ha-larious; at first i thought these people were joking, but it's really real!!

go check it out it really is funny how ignorant these people are!