i had a wonderful birthday thanks to Mia, Sim and Priya. we went out to Capone's which is a live jazz lounge restaurant sort of thing. it was definitely a memorable night. the musician of the night was amazing. absolutely loved the evening! of course, i did have to argue to get permission to go and then got crap for it after it was all over. whatever.

so sometimes, things are difficult. sometimes, i think i've resolved an issue in my heart and many weeks later, another situation can open up this whole can of worms which sends me back to feeling frustrated. in light of the cross, my frustrations are selfish and i know it. but i can't seem to help the way i feel... i think i just need to spend more time with the Lord in order to re-adjust my perspective on things.

On the side, a note to self:

1. dry, valley seasons are just as much a part of the Christian walk as the lush mountain tops. it's knowing that that God is there even when it doesn't feel like it that really counts as faith. it's learning to trust that God knows better than we do.

2. visions and dreams and the things we strive for are precious for the sole reason that God has infused us with His passion and drive to pursue them. we may never get to see them fulfilled, but remember that Moses never saw the promised land. it's not the goal but our faithfulness through the journey that really counts.