So we're at Pastor Pritam's house in Singapore. It's Monday morning and we're all dressed and ready to leave (it's the day we're flying out).

Pastor Pritam walks out of his bedroom, like he's on a mission, with a box of Q-tips.

Suddenly out of the blue he says, in his Pastor Pritam kind of way, "You know, Q-tips are very good!" We all nod in agreement a little befuddled.

"Do you all use Q-tips?" We nod yes, tired from sleeping at 2am and waking at 5am.

Pastor Pritam nods his "I see" kind of nod and then suggests, "Why don't we all take a Q-tip and clean our ears?"

The rest of us give each other amused glances.

Pastor Pritam, in all seriousness, eagerly starts passing out Q-tips and we all burst out laughing.

And so, all of us, from my Ammachi to cousin Kevin, sat around Pastor Pritam's living room at 6:30am on the morning of August 8th cleaning our ears with his Q-tips.

Ya gotta love Pastor Pritam!