1. The food at the Punjabi Convention was delicious!

2. Tahira Ali was singing on Friday night and Sim and I couldn't quite figure out what she was saying... I turned to Sim and say, "I think she's saying 'who will go?'--'kaun jayega?'" And Sim looks at me and says, "No I think she's saying 'khun jayega'--'blood will go'." So we both have our moment contemplating what it was that Tahira was singing--it was quite funny. It sounded like "khun jayega" but "kaun jayega" made more sense. I decided that I was probably wrong and Sim was right since she seems to have a better grasp of Hindi. Finally after the song is over, I think it was Pastor Jagpal that gets up and mentions that it was indeed "kaun jayega" as in "who will go?" We laughed over that one.

3. Dam mein meray Yesu tu/ tu hi mera badshah/ tujh se khuda pak ruh/ tu hi mera badshah/ Dam dam dam, Yesu mera dam dam dam hallelujah!/ Dam mein tu basega/ ankhon mein dikhega/ saanson mein milega/ dil dil mein rahega ...really fun song that we sing at church sometimes but sang a bunch of times over the weekend. Uncle Roop (sp?) added his own touch with "Dam da ma dam" in between; and Uncle John totally surprised us with his "Hey hey hey" in between too!

4. On Friday, myself, Priya, Justin, Jerry and Pastor Freddy went out to Robson. We had these really good hotdogs. This lady with her son and mother-in-law I think it was, started telling me all about their lives and how they moved from South Africa and how they were having trouble with their debit cards and so on. I don't know why random people choose to have detailed conversations with me. Reminded me of one time in the bus where this one lady started telling me all about her daughter and her boyfriend and their relationship. I will sincerely listen and sympathize but, in all honesty, it does get a little weird sometimes. God bless them.

5. On the way home from Robson on Friday, Pastor Freddy started grilling us with random questions from the Bible most of which we didn't know the answers to--shortest sermon, shortest prayer, etc. But forget the hard questions, what was most embarrassing was the fact that Jerry and Justin couldn't recall anything of what I've been teaching during the KCF Youth Service or recount a simple Bible story with accuracy; they knew more about hockey. I was so embarrassed and desperately wishing I had taken Ammu, Niki, or either of the Alan's along on the trip.

Anyways, just some random stuff from last week. God is awesome!

Benita Joy